Cease to be. Demo II

by Forgotten Soul



The second demo released upon the world by the underground, raw black metal band, "Forgotten Soul". The songs deal with suicidal thoughts, the darkness that all humans possess, the hypocrisy of humanity, hate, and supernatural magic. Depression, and sadness are present on all of our songs, but during the time we recorded these, I was feeling more angry then depressed. The rage was getting unhealthy to live with, so I channeled the rage, and created these manic, hymns.


released June 14, 2016

All thing except for bass-Wraith



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Forgotten Soul New York, New York


A raw, black
metal duo. Influences include the cold, death, sadness, loneliness, suicide, anger, misanthropy, Satan, hatred for the church, mythology, horror, and general nihilism. Not for the faint of heart, or the casual listener. Only those true enough, can handle the darkest, rawest, most abrasive form of musical expression to emerge from the depths of my bleak inhuman soul ... more


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Track Name: Thine Gods Shall Feast Upon The Hour Of My Death
On the day of my death thine Gods shall feast. A heathen such as I deserves the scorn of Christ. I shall know spite in the truest sense, because I can decipher truth from lie. The lie of peace, but yet you pray for my death. You say you believe in but one God, but anything you bend knee to is your God. There will be no peace until the so called light fades away....
Track Name: Casting The Truest Spell Of Hate
Burning in your benevolence. So right. So good. The purity, the purity is lost. Lost into the maelstrom. A hate, a hate so pure. Hail my genocide. The mind, the mind of a horse. Never to be free. A slave, of stupidity. The light the ignorance. the truest spell of deceit. I cast a spell. I shall end thee. I will unleash my soul upon the undeserving. A mind torn. Unraveling the true. every time I come near it pulls away. Leaving me behind. I can feel it in my hands. Pulling away. A soul left. Screaming in the forests. Forever lost by time.