Contamination, And Bitter Contempt For Life. Demo VI

by Forgotten Soul



A soul crushing album. It is a mirror of pure insanity, discomfort, depression, and Satanic beliefs. This is easily or most manic album, sounds ranging from a frenzy of sound to gentle synths and acoustic guitars. Our most personal and varied recording yet. This is the first album you can buy physically as we have printed this on cassette as well.


released September 3, 2016

All Guitars/Vocals/Lyrics-Wraith



all rights reserved


Forgotten Soul New York, New York


A raw, black
metal duo. Influences include the cold, death, sadness, loneliness, suicide, anger, misanthropy, Satan, hatred for the church, mythology, horror, and general nihilism. Not for the faint of heart, or the casual listener. Only those true enough, can handle the darkest, rawest, most abrasive form of musical expression to emerge from the depths of my bleak inhuman soul ... more


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Track Name: Let My Blood Fill Ten Thousand Skulls
Cut deeply, and make my blood fill ten thousand skulls, For if you do not release my soul, with that knife I shall end you in the most torturous way my sickness shall allow. My revenge will come to you like a horde of six hundred and sixty six locusts, and rip the meat from the bones. Nothing shall remain in the wake of my spite, and most evil retribution. Taste my necrotic fingers claw the back of your throat. And know I walk the side of the heart. So I say, end my life, for if you fail you will meet the satanic king you worship and fear. Dragging the knife across your jugular, and know. Vomit the lava of my fear, and shit the death I have given to you. The one who stands before me, awaiting the vulgar viciousness thou is about to deal shall pray for death. Drink the piss of eternity you will know no pleasure, you will know no salvation. That knife shall cut deep into my vessel, or you will know the end as true as the night. As true as the blood which will be shed.
Track Name: Contamination, And Bitter Contempt For Life
Skull fucking all you hold close to thine pulsing muscle in that wretched chest of yours. All you hold close washed away by blood and filth. Teeth smashed against the rage of the horse God. Every pillar of your diseased chapel crushed like humans under foot on the blood soaked garden of battle and horror. Your eye sockets handles with which to thrust my spiteful vengeance. Skull fucking all you hold dear, with such contamination and bitter contempt for life. Crying eyes begging for mercy...I was shown none, thrown into the pit of centipedes and eaten from the inside out and you were the one who cast me into those depths. So I skull fuck all you hold dear, and I will never forgive and I will never forget and your pain will never end
Track Name: Rituals On That Winter Night
The cold embrace of the hoofed one. True Satanic workings. A night not long ago, the candles were lit. Black flames summon him, coming to darkness, the winter was in full bloom. Emerges from the fog. Whispers about true evil and suicide. My life work, a dream, to most a nightmare, to me beauty. All life extinguished. When that day comes my mission would be complete. The TRUE Satanic Ritual.