Nullity Be Mine Name. Demo X

by Forgotten Soul



Crushing, brutal, and nihilistic. If possible this album is even more rage filled then Anti-Existence. It explores the topics of power, and domination, traitors, revenge, suicide, hate, nihilism, and the absolute horror of existence. There are subtle influences of War Metal through out the album. The sound is as cold and bitter as ever. Spiteful and horrid. This album, if I may say so is ugly, brutal, and meant to completely crush your soul. The art work is quite fitting.


released March 20, 2017

Guitars / Vocals / Keys - Wraith
Bass - Plague



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Forgotten Soul New York, New York


A raw, black
metal duo. Influences include the cold, death, sadness, loneliness, suicide, anger, misanthropy, Satan, hatred for the church, mythology, horror, and general nihilism. Not for the faint of heart, or the casual listener. Only those true enough, can handle the darkest, rawest, most abrasive form of musical expression to emerge from the depths of my bleak inhuman soul ... more


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Track Name: Treacherous Cunt
Track Name: Summoning Chaos Through Hatred Magic
Manifest my evil, and let it plague the innocent. Give power to those deserving and suffocate the rest in blasphemous darkness. Manifest the negativity, and create an astral entity to Plague the living. Let your life know nothing but misery and darkness. It can smell your fear, and grow in power every night. I will steal your light. I will crush your will. Let me in. Breaking the doors of sanity, and letting in true darkness. Summoning chaos through HATRED MAGIC
Track Name: Emptying Until Nothing
The wind inspires me to die. With my crimson noose let us cleanse. With fire we will cleanse the wrong doings of our own. With the dagger I remind myself that death is my only option. My only road away. Suicide is my name. The spider forever perched upon my shoulder, whispering venom into my skull, no words just emotion, emptying until nothing. Until the veil falls and I see a grave. As the silence fills my ears the voice of the spirits whisper. I fulfill my destiny
Track Name: Plague
Kneeling before me. The follower of love. The follower of light. The follower of impurity. I lift my axe surrounded by the horde of true evil and darkness. The first general sits upon a dark blooded horse. The eyes of the general as black as the void, and face forever fixed with disgust and sinful dignity, he goes by the name PLAGUE. Still the disgusting parasitic swine kneels before the Gods of TRUE darkness who go by the chosen infernal names Wraith and Plague, all surrounded by our damned horde. I hold my axe as Plague strides over, and spits a mouthful of blood, and lifts his sword. Without a word, and heart full of HATE and DISGUST, he slays the unworthy.
Track Name: Nullity Be Mine Name
Plunging deeper into nothingness. I'll take your everything, and still be just as empty. Everyday a living nightmare, every moment we step closer. Distracting ourselves with nothing, Nullity be mine name. As I pave the way to mine own destruction, you can hardly understand the werewolf that stares you down. I have accepted misery, the weaklings are convinced they have power, they're convinced they have found joy. I'll watch with silent satisfaction as the werewolf takes it all away. I'll watch it crush you. I am this werewolf and nullity be mine name. My own suffering makes me stronger, yours makes me a God. You may struggle and convince yourself you have found the light. But I Nullity will destroy you, and you will know nothing but pain. I am this werewolf and Nullity be mine name.