Perversities, and Unholy Manifestations Against the Light (Demo XII)

by Forgotten Soul



War has been declared ages ago, but it seems that it has been forgotten as of late...This album is war. War against the light, against all good, against God, against humans, and against the new "normal." This is absolute hate as Forgotten Soul has always been and always will be. This is a reminder that no one is safe. In every album you will hear, and read about, hate, mythology, evil, Satan, depression, suicide, and all things dismal, but some albums have a different main focus...This is about war, intolerance for everything and everyone...We are everything you stand against....Everything we are is deemed intolerable, and unacceptable...GOOD. We want no part of this world, and what you deem good, and what you deem evil. Forever in darkness, forever evil, forever Forgotten Soul. BLUT UND KRIEG! KRIEG UND SIEG!


released June 19, 2017




all rights reserved


Forgotten Soul New York, New York


A raw, black
metal duo. Influences include the cold, death, sadness, loneliness, suicide, anger, misanthropy, Satan, hatred for the church, mythology, horror, and general nihilism. Not for the faint of heart, or the casual listener. Only those true enough, can handle the darkest, rawest, most abrasive form of musical expression to emerge from the depths of my bleak inhuman soul ... more


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Track Name: The Chains of Time Shackle Me Not (Perversities and Unholy Manifestations Against the Light Part II)
The silence of the night. So cold conflicting with the warm stench of rotting memories. Visions of another world, timeless entities. Perversities and unholy manifestation against the light. Depressive and dead. Undeath. Walking, and motioning, hateful and feeding, but nothing left inside. Inhuman for aeons, and so I ponder if I ever did live. The chains of time shackle me not. Wretched in nature, cruel intentions in this immortal blood. Long after I am no more, my hate contamination will linger like the bitter taste of death.
Track Name: Töte die Schwachen, Sieg Derch den Krieg
Unnatural, unexceptionable, weak, worthless. Strength is the decider. Wolf will kill wolf, brother versus brother. Destroy your enemy, or die at his feet. Subservient men, watch as their land is burned, idols destroyed, heritage slaughtered, and women raped. True blood warriors kill and become drunk on his enemies blood. I will feel nothing as they are all obliterated, I will feel nothing as their children are decapitated under axe and sword. Töte die schwachen. Sieg durch den Krieg.
Track Name: My Immortal Hate (Perversities, and Unholy Manifestations Against the Light Part I)
Betrayal of the sun. I turn my back to the light, as this undying blackness devours souls. I cast this spell onto them, and watch the flames lick their flesh. I cast this spell to raise up the once living, cursing them to a wretched undeath, with my necromancy. Belial my twisted one, I damn them to blackness in your name. Unholy manifestation, and perversities against the light. We have been damned long ago, and God rages because we do not seek his salvation. No man or god can absolve me, for I wear my sins like scars across my face, with pride and the spirit of true evil.