Suffering Apparition Suspended Just Above Naught. Demo VIII

by Forgotten Soul



A diverse album with grooving riffs, as well of the classic tremolo picked guitars you have grown accustom to. It also incorporates ambient songs, and experimentation. This is an album of sorrow, pain, suicide, darkness, and atmosphere. It also features songs that have not been released before, and tracks that have been written long ago, but not recorded until now. It harkens to the past, and also looks to the future of Forgotten Soul, without forgetting the roots, and core of Forgotten Soul


released November 30, 2016

Guitars, Vocals, and Keys - Wraith
Bass - Plague



all rights reserved


Forgotten Soul New York, New York


A raw, black
metal duo. Influences include the cold, death, sadness, loneliness, suicide, anger, misanthropy, Satan, hatred for the church, mythology, horror, and general nihilism. Not for the faint of heart, or the casual listener. Only those true enough, can handle the darkest, rawest, most abrasive form of musical expression to emerge from the depths of my bleak inhuman soul ... more


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Track Name: Blood Spell
Reincarnation of evil. My hate has been born again, under the infernal moon, a beast cries into the night. Moon shining down its unholy light from behind a grey cloud. Snow falling on the ground, this hateful night your fate has been decided. Veined wings carry me across the sky. Owner of the blood gift, I quench my thirst. Spell of blood I syphon thee. My teeth find you. I feel your pulse slow, then stop as you die and turn as cold as I. Human cattle below the ground, hunted in the night, I own your soul and take your vitality. My spell renders you mindless, and you shall do my bidding. Lord of these vast lands, and ruler of the night. Undead I roam, and you shall die.
Track Name: Shrine Of Spirits
Shrine of spirits, drinking time, breathing deep. Inhaling emotion and the sent of fear, tasting the fatal, and the true. Venom pouring into the eyes, of death, souls dance, tears making the ground damp. Well of the forgetful syphon the will. Sacrificial dagger, holding power, stabbing deep. My blood shall nourish thee, suckling ghouls lapping at those self inflicted gashes, it makes them scream. Drawn and grey, black truth spoken, white the end. The forest whispers as snow erases all evidence but those souls still dance. Restless and unworthy, mind ablaze, rest unknown. All voices speaking in unison, echo bouncing off the cave walls, blind and gone. Shrine of spirits, cry it all away.
Track Name: Suffering Apparition Suspended Just Above Naught
This suffering apparition suspended just above naught. Breathing the light in your eyes. Excreting poison, which contaminates your vision. Nails still growing, reaching towards the disemboweled body of God. Staring through me, I know he sees. Vomiting fire into the well of sacrifice, and placing the skull upon the alter ablaze with desire. Black voids breathing, inhaling the the sent of sorrow, and building a tower of upon that sorrow, thus magnifying your will to die. Your will to die.
Track Name: Will To Die
Your will to die....